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The Virus Hoax: The Big Lie!

Virus are created from within our cells.  They are created from our Immune System to help remove toxin build up in our bodies.  Viruses are our friends, they are not the enemy as perceived by the Medical Establishment. 

A Virus are not alive and cannot procreate therefore it is impossible for a virus to survive outside of the body and therefore it is impossible for a virus to spread. 

We have all been lied to and it is time for people to wake up and understand how the body really works.  Watch these videos and then read my ebook below and everything will become more clearer. 

You will have a better understanding of why people get sick and how they get sick and what are the right substances to take in order to help your body recover naturally.

It is time to stop living in FEAR and to start living in peace and happiness.

Now let's understand this from some more experts.

Alright now that you have watched the above videos, you are aware that viruses do not exist outside of the body, nor can they spread to anyone else.

So why are all the people getting sick.  I've written about this in detail in my book called "The Classification of Sickness".

Once you understand why you have gotten sick, the next step is to understand how to heal yourself.

Please read and learn.  Your health and well being depends upon it.

Please email me if you have any questions, and if you enjoy read please read the following support evidences.

Germs Cause Disease - The Next Big Lie!
 "Germs do not cause disease! Nature never surrounded her children with enemies. It is the     individual himself who makes disease possible in his own body because of poor living     habits... Do mosquitoes make the water stagnant; or does stagnant water attract the     mosquitoes? We should all be taught that germs are friends and scavengers attracted by     disease, rather than enemies causing disease... As their internal environment is, so will be     the attraction for any specific micro-organism... The germ theory and vaccination are kept     going by commercialism." Dr. Robert R. Gross

"DO GERMS CAUSE DISEASE? Or could it be the other way around...first the disease, then the germs. Natural Hygiene contends that germs do not cause disease. They are not the originators. Most diseases occur when people allow themselves to become enervated, that is, low in nerve energy. As a consequence, the organs of excretion fail to function normally and waste material accumulates in the body. When this waste continues to build up, exceeding the body's toleration point, a crisis arises. The body, to offset this overabundance of poisonous matter, begins to react. The result of this reaction is sometimes a cold, the flu, pneumonia, or some such, depending on the individual. At this crisis point of elimination, germs may or may not be present. They are sure to come later, not to attack, but to assist in the cleanup or cleansing process." Dr. Alec Burton
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