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I am Grand Master Ali and Welcome to my course series. 

I have 5 series of courses:

Beyond Healing Series

Truth In Sight Series

Adding Kyusho Jutsu To Series

Kyusho Jutsu Special Series

Kyusho Jutsu Black Belt Full course

If you do not know who I am and my background,

please click on ABOUT ME.

Truth in Sight Series:

Episode I: Master Ali and the Mystery of Gog and Magog

Episode II: Master Ali and the Mystery of the Ainul Hayat [Fountain of Youth]

Episode III: Master Ali and the Riptides of Astronomy

Episode IV: Master Ali and the CASE of OUTWITTING THE DEVIL

Episode V: Master Ali and the Case of the Law of Attraction

Episode VI: Master Ali and The Classification of Sickness (Coming Soon)

Episode VII: Master Ali and the Case of The Mudfloods (Coming Soon)


Beyond Healing Series:

Kosho Concepts: The Healing Arts

Beyond Healing with Chi Energy Healing

Beyond Healing with Brain, Stomach and Feet

Beyond Healing with DIY MED BED (Private course, please msg me)

Beyond Healing with Grounding, Earthing and Sunning

Beyond Healing with Bowen Therapy and Kyusho Jutsu

Beyond Healing with Energizing Your Home

Beyond Healing with Biogeometric Signatures

Beyond Healing with Divine Mind

Beyond Healing with Perfect Vision - Coming Soon


Kyusho Jutsu Special Courses:

Kyusho Jutsu Rear Attacks - The Yin Yang Principle

Kyusho Jutsu No Holds Barred

Kyusho Jutsu Joint Dislocations

Kyusho Jutsu Ground Fighting

Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting

Kyusho Jutsu Choke Hold Escapes

Kyusho Jutsu and the 6 Ji Hands of the Bubishi

Special Purpose Pressure Points

Kyusho Jutsu and Dim Mak - Coming Soon

Kyusho Jutsu Street Fighting - Coming Soon

Kyusho Jutsu Positional Setup - Coming Soon

Kyusho Jutsu Multiple Attackers - Coming Soon

Kyusho Jutsu Triple Warmer Fighting - Coming Soon

Kyusho Jutsu Take Downs and Finishing Pins - Coming Soon


Adding Kyusho Jutsu to:


Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Ninjutsu

Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Ninjutsu San Shin

Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Taekwondo

Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Shotokan Karate

Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Jiu-Jitsu

Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Pencak Silat

Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Tang Soo Do

Kyusho Jutsu Kata Interpretation  - Coming Soon


Kyusho Jutsu Black Belt Course

Module 1: Kyusho Jutsu Revivals

Module 2: Kyusho Body Points & Mechanics

Module 3: Kyusho Joint Locks

Module 4: Kyusho Grappling and Controlling

Module 5: Elbow and Leg Targeting Strikes

Module 6: Kyusho Knife Defense

Module 7: 10 Principles of Kyusho Jutsu

Module 8: Kyusho Alarm Points & Knockouts

Module 9: Kyusho Chi Energy Transfer

Module 10: Black Belt Exam - Please contact me


Free Courses

Kyusho Jutsu - Beginner to Advanced Pressure Point Training

Pressure Points 101

Kyusho Home Security and Defense

Beyond Healing with Kyusho Jutsu

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