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Shenzhen Oupujia Technology Co., Ltd located in Ping Shan district, Shenzhen,china. Our company specializes in designing and producing water purification equipment, air purification equipment, health care water treatment equipment,intelligent household appliances product etc. Our company has a reputation for advanced technology as the core competitive power of science and technology, through ten years of technology accumulation and the number of research institutions and manufacturers at home and abroad sincere cooperation, introduced circulating water tech, low frequency, hydrogen rich, clean water, instant heat, air purification, quantum water, remote infrared, negative ion tech , the leak protection tech, water saving tech and membrane tech , developed advanced drinking treatment systems and many innovative products.

High Tech Products
We use the best material and technology to create the best and most cutting-edge production technology products.

Face customers
We design and customize high quality products for customers all over the world.

Multiple Patents
We have multiple high-tech research patents.

Authoritative test report
Our products have been tested by the most authoritative organizations in China and have achieved very good results in customer excellence.

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