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Our foods are being depleted of the rich minerals that we so very need for living.

The result is early death.  Listen to Dr. Joel Wallach explain in the audio recording below how people who have died of natural causes have died because of depletion in minerals and copper.

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I can't thank Grandmaster Ali enough for introducing me to Liquid Shilajit and Colloidal Copper...
I have been slacking with cardio workouts for more than two years now....taichi is great but I still miss the adrenaline pump after a good workout.
A week after drinking them (LS & CC)..I started kickboxing my surprise....I breezed through the whole hour without even complaining about being tired or out of breath. Never have this happened before...not even when I was at my fittest form back in my 40's. Imagine me now at 59....knocking the wind off my instructor with my kicks and punches. He left the house in a daze 🥴
By 5th class, he confirmed his order of LS and CC. I had 5 classes 5 days in a strength didn't falter an ounce. I guessed that sealed the deal.  
Also, my nails seemed to be stronger and shinier...that's the first thing I noticed.
Thank you again, Grandmaster Ali. I hope the liquids help others as they have helped me regain my overall health and strength back.

God bless.
The Iddster

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